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Editorial review


Pedro Castro Senior editor

Stereoscopic Player can help you visualize 3D videos on your computer. Now, if you’re wondering if you can use it to watch monoscopic images as well, the answer is yes; because with a click on a toggle button you can move from one mode to the other. Likewise, the program supports viewing contents from various sources.
So, in addition to standard files, you can also watch video from DVDs and the Internet. And not only that, the application can also display live video taken from a camera. All these types of sources can be indexed in a video library for you to have quicker access to them. Moreover, this player can also download metadata for your files directly from the developer’s online database.

This player’s interface is actually not very attractive, even after applying some of the various themes available. It is definitely a good thing that this player supports a myriad of viewing methods and lets you even experiment with them for an extremely personalized 3D viewing experience. However, this excess of options may turn out to be too complicated for inexperienced users; and, unfortunately, the built-in customization tool doesn’t make it any easier.

In general, Stereoscopic Player works as its developer claims. It successfully plays 3D movies and even simulates tridimensional viewing from 2D video files. It is a pity the trial version comes with a limited viewing time that made the player irresponsive to mouse clicks once it had been used up. It is also unfortunate that some of the accompanying files have typos.


  • It supports multiple decoders.
  • It can be run from the command line.
  • It is very customizable.


  • It has an unattractive interface.
  • There are some typos in the accompanying files.
  • It is difficult to customize.
  • The trial version comes with a limited viewing time that made the player irresponsive to mouse clicks once it had been used up.
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trusted DOWNLOAD 58.2 MB

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